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A violent crime conviction on your record will likely hinder your personal and professional opportunities. Fortunately, attorney Rodrick A. Rouse can stand up for your rights throughout your criminal case in the High Point, North Carolina area.

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The Differences Between Assault and Battery

Did you know assault and battery are two distinct crimes?

In general, assault is an attempt to injure someone, including making threats or exhibiting threatening behavior. By contrast, battery involves intentional harmful or offensive touching, without consent from the victim.

If you've been charged with assault or battery in North Carolina, you're going to need a good lawyer. Fortunately, you've come to the right place.


Mount a smart criminal defense case in High Point, NC. Attorney Rodrick A. Rouse can help you:

  • Explore possible defense strategies for your assault or battery charge.

  • Help you mount an argument of self-defense.

  • Represent you during meetings with prosecutors and law enforcement.