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You shouldn't be stuck facing court alone just because you're on a budget. Rodrick A. Rouse, Attorney at Law will work with you and provide you with quality representation. Our attorney has extensive experience dealing with criminal cases. You'll receive sound advice throughout the legal process, and we'll always keep your best interests in mind as we work to reduce the charges.

Attorney Rouse has the skill and experience to effectively fight for your rights. He'll work to make sure your side of the story gets heard and build the strongest defense he can for your case as he seeks a favorable outcome for you.

If you've been charged with a violent crime or are in need of a restraining order in Asheboro or Greensboro, North Carolina, we can help. Contact Rodrick A. Rouse, Attorney at Law to see what we can do for your case.

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Our firm can manage criminal charges of all types, including:

  • Theft

  • Breaking and Entering

  • Violent Crimes

  • Drug-Related Charges

If you've been accused of any of the criminal offenses listed above, we'll carefully go over the details of your case to come up with the best defense strategy. You don't want to risk the outcome of your case by taking it on alone. Your rights and freedom depend on having reliable representation on your side! Don't wait to reach out for the legal assistance you need to understand your options for moving forward.

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