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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

From larceny to assault, criminal charges call for a skilled and accessible attorney who has worked cases similar to yours.

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Traffic Violations

Don't lose your right to drive. I can build a strategy that can increase your chances of a favorable result in the end.

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Exercise your right to a fair trial by hiring an attorney that has extensive experience working cases similar to yours.

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Drug Offenses

No matter the type of drug or the charge, a drug offense can restrict your ability to live the life you want. I'll strive to reach a favorable solution.

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If you've been caught stealing something, exercise your right to remain silent so the authorities cannot use what you say against you in a trial.

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Turn to my firm — Rodrick A. Rouse, Attorney at Law, for communicative legal counsel that keeps you up-to-date on the status of your case.

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Driving With a Revoked License

If you've been caught behind the wheel with an invalid license, you'll need a strong defense strategy.

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Speeding Tickets

Don't let a simple speeding ticket increase your chances of having your license suspended. Keep your freedom as a driver in gear by letting me help with your case.

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